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Shimano XT T780 Trekking V-Brake Levers

Shimano XT T780 Trekking V-Brake Levers    New

Product Code: SHIJ11

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  • Servo Wave action power adjuster gives enhanced braking control
  • Shimano's proven Servo Wave technology enables a cam linkage to operated allowing rapid pad to rim engagement, at the point of contact the cam moves across multiplying the leverage ratio and increasing the stopping power
  • Reach and cable adjusters make precise brakeset-up a breeze
  • Forged alloy one piece handle bar clamp bracket for optimum rigidity and light weight, with forged alloy lever blade for dependable and durable braking
  • I-spec shifter mount compatible
  • 3-finger lever design
  • Kit contains brake levers with inner and outer cables
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