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Mission Tricycle

Mission Tricycle    New

Product Code: MISH58

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  • 6 speed Index gears,
  • Alloy rims with alloy V Brake front,
  • A drum type brake for the rear wheels.
  • Handle bars are adjustable for forward reach,
  • ajustable stem to ajust the lengh.
  • A large comfortable saddle is fitted as standard equipment.
  • A large basket is fitted to the rear frame to carry some basic shopping.
  • This model Trike has a parking brake fitted to the front & rear brake.
  • The weight of the Trikes are 32 kilo. Width is 30 inches. Colour silver & blue with silver guards.
  • If your tricycle needs to be stored outside then trike covers are available from the trike spares page along with other extras.

        we always keep similar kind of bikes.we sell second hand bikes on a fast pace if this bike is out of stock please call us to ask about the similar kind of bikes.


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