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Chill Original

Chill Original    Used

Product Code: CHIA55

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 Chill Original is a leader in its market, inspiring followers everywhere.

Not just about looking good, Chill Original is reliable, comfortable and brilliant value for money. Our frames are crafted in lightweight Hi-ten steel to ensure a more study, longer-lasting bike. And we work with renowned brands such as Pro Max, Neco and Shimano as well as manufacturing our own quality tested parts by TUV (a well know independent worldwide testing inspection house) to ensure we produce a bike that goes the extra mile.
Chill Original is a fixie bike – the most popular style of bike to ride around town. So why a fixie? Well, fixies are loved for their fast speeds, hard-wearing build and simplicity. Not to mention they’re super fun to get moving on
We always keep similar kind of bikes.we sell second hand bikes on a fast pace if this bike is out of stock please call us to ask about the similar kind of bikes.
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